About Bedwyn Trains Passenger Group

To be a voice a voice for Bedwyn Station passengers, to keep the station as a nice environment and to promote, maintain and improve train services from Bedwyn Station.

Our Regular Activities Are:

  • Promotion of our service in and around the Bedwyn and Marlborough area.

  • Keeping the local shops stocked with paper timetables.

  • Fighting to retain our direct London Paddington Service amidst the confusion over the DfT's proposal to electrify only as far as Newbury.

  • Promoting and retaining the bus link between the station and Marlborough. This includes the design, printing and distribution of specialist timetables for a) Marlborough commuters b) Marlborough off-peak rail users c) Residents of Great Bedwyn and Little Bedwyn.

  • Reporting complaints, and following them up, with GWR.

  • Dealing with passenger queries.

  • Monitoring passenger numbers and comparing them with published figures of ticket sales.

  • Monitoring timetables changes and reporting any changes, which causes connectivity problems with the Marlborough bus link, to Wiltshire Council. This usually meets with success.

  • Tidying and painting the station.

  • Keeping the notice boards, at the station and village centre, updated with useful information.

  • Writing articles for The Parish News to promote the service and supply useful information.

  • Reporting of station faults to GWR

  • Attending ad hoc meetings with GWR, Rail Future, Wiltshire Council etc.

Who are we?


We are Bill Wells, Steve Smith, Karina Nicholson, David Haynes and Justin Morshead.


The Bedwyn Trains Passenger Group was set up in 2006 to fight the proposed cuts to our service. Before the proposed cuts we had 20 eastbound trains and 19 back and nothing to or from the west. The proposal was to reduce us to 14 eastbound trains and 14 back. With all our campaigning we have increased the service to 22 out and 22 back including services to and from the west.

How are we funded?