Our Successes are:

  • From 2009 and to 2017 we lobbied to retain our direct Reading and Paddington services. This was as a result of the DfT's proposal, in accordance with electrifying as far as Newbury, to downgrade us to a diesel shuttle service to Newbury. Our campaigning led to a review which showed the economic importance of Bedwyn, Hungerford and Kintbury retaining their direct services to Reading and Paddington. See our Electrification  page for more information.

  • In 2013 Steve Smith received Rail Future's Clara Zilahi Award for Best Campaigner.

  • In 2013, with Transition Marlborough, we fought off the substantial bus cuts proposed for the Marlborough to Bedwyn rail/bus link. We also persuaded Wiltshire Council to reduce the bus price, for commuters, to £1 each way. Our written submission can be found on our Documents page, entitled Bus Consultation Response.

  • In 2013 we were a guest speaker at Railfuture's summer conference. Our presentation can be found on our Documents page, entitled The Wisdom of Electrification to a Non-Terminus.

  • In 2012 our website came runner up in Railfuture's best website award.

  • In 2012 we held a celebration for the 150th anniversary of our station. This involved a gathering at the station and a commemorative mug.

  • We fought off the December 2006 proposal to reduce our service by approximately one third.

  • Resolving the poor weekday evening connecting service from Paddington. This crept in during the December 2006 timetable changes and was been resolved from December 2007.

  • A September to May Saturday westbound service with departures at 0930 and 1331 with arrivals at 1332 and 1652.

  • Improving the Monday to Friday westbound service by: Adding morning and lunchtime departures to the already two evening departures and a lunchtime arrival from the west (in addition to the already early morning and mid evening arrivals from the west).

  • Resolving the two hour gap on a Saturday evening.

  • Resolving the two hour Monday to Friday lunchtime gap back to Bedwyn by getting a stop on the 1218 Paddington to Exeter service.

  • Resolving of the two hour Saturday lunchtime gap for trains from the east.

  • Including Pewsey on our timetable book. Previously Pewsey was omitted even though some of our services call there.

  • Getting Bedwyn station back on a mini timetable booklet. This includes the Marlborough bus link and appropriate diagram information on the front cover.

  • Re-establishment of the Marlborough buses on the train timetable.

  • Addition of the existing Pewsey service in timetable books which cover Bedwyn.

  • Improved seating on the westbound platform.

  • Being supplied with a regular stock of timetables to distribute to local residents and place in the local shops.

  • Fare easement for the 0840.

  • The station was repainted at our request and various repairs carried out.

  • The passenger group has adopted the station. Tasks undertaken are weeding, litter collection and touching in paint work.

  • Getting notice boards, on both platforms, so we can advertise the service and provide useful information.

  • Alignment of the Marlborough bus with the rail timetable and in so doing encouraged coordination between FGW and Wiltshire Council.

  • Along with other campaign groups we contributed to the argument that successfully got the 1706 and 1806 weekday Paddington departures reclassified for off peak fares.

  • From December 2009 we have got the Saturday 2151 Reading departure re-timed to 2202 to connect with the 2117 Paddington departure. This reduces the Paddington journey time from 1 hour 51 to 1 hour 33 and gives a better spaced return departure service from Paddington (than the previous 2050 Paddington departure).

  • In December 2009 we delivered timetables to the entire Bedwyn catchment area, over 6000 homes.

  • From May 24th 2010 we have got a stop on the 1833 weekday Paddington to Exeter service. We campaigned for this after FGW shifted our connecting service (for the 1833) service to meet the 1903, from Paddington, at Newbury. This gave Hungerford an advantage whilst placing us at a significant disadvantage. Therefore from May 24th we will have direct trains at 1618, 1706, 1806 and 1833 with connections off the 1636, 1733, 1903 and 1945. This gives us a half hourly peak evening service from Paddington to Bedwyn; something we've wanted since we formed as a group.

  • Installation of a westbound electronic departure/arrival board.

  • Renovation of the two station shelters.

  • Repositioning of timetable boards for easy of passenger use.

  • Getting the inbound and outbound trains associated such that when a train is delayed, or cancelled, into Bedwyn the train that forms the next outbound service is duly reported as delayed or cancelled.

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