Latest News: My first novel, 'The Unsound Convictions of Judge Stephen Mentall', is now published and available on Amazon.


It's getting 5 star reviews. Kindle £0.99, paperback £5.99.


Click here to view on Amazon Read Chapter 1 for free at

“Hilarious. A comic genius is born. Thoroughly British with scurrilous but likeable characters. Laugh-out-loud funny. A must for fans of Tom Sharpe.”


Meet Stephen Mentall. He’s a judge, a hypocrite and he’s been a very naughty boy – the kind of man who thinks the world, and all those that inhabit it, are there to serve him and him alone.


Life is going well for Judge Mentall, he’s just managed to get shot of his wife and Madam Suzie’s House of Pleasure now regard him as their best customer.

But, with forces at work to bring him down, he finds himself the victim of a botched kidnapping. As a result, he is locked-up and seemingly forgotten in a seedy care home for the elderly by kidnappers pretending to be his concerned offspring.

His protestations that he’s actually a crown court judge and not senile prove as futile as his attempts to escape. Meanwhile, the three Chief Constables charged with finding him spend more time bickering with each other than they do investigating his disappearance. Only a chance piece of evidence reveals his whereabouts.

His freedom is short-lived, however, when the crimes he has committed and those he hasn’t soon catch up with him. As his own trial looms, will Judge Mentall also become the victim of an unsound conviction?

Hill Walking Accomplishments & Aims

I love to walk, I love to write and this site combines much of that along with some non-walking writings too!

I have completed the 282 Munros (the Scottish 3000ft + mountains) and the 445 Nuttalls (the 189 Welsh 2000ft + mountains and the 256 English 2000ft + mountains). I am recorded on the register of Munroists as "2599 Stephen P. Smith" and on the register of Nuttall completers as "253 Stephen P. Smith".

I'm currently working my way through the Scottish 2000ft to 3000ft mountains (being the 222 Corbetts, the 223 Grahams and the 59 Donalds that are neither a Corbett or a Graham).

Once I have completed Scotland I will do the one on the Isle of Man and the 212 in Ireland.

In total I have climbed 921 out of these 1444 mountains of the British Isles. I'm aiming to climb them all and plan to finish around 2030.

I have also walked the TGO coast to coast across the Highlands of Scotland seven times. These walks are included in my "Scottish 2000ft Mountains" account under the "Hill Walking Diaries" menu option.