In 1987 I graduated from Brighton Polytechnic, now the University of Brighton, with a first class honours degree in computing and electronics (entitled Microelectronics and Information Processing).

I then joined Cap Gemini and worked on Crime recording and Command and Control systems for various police forces (Cleveland, Strathclyde, Leicester, Gloucester and Sussex) . During this time I became the system architect for their Stratus based command and control systems.

After a year at AT&T (1993-1994) I joined Dopra and designed the architecture for their NSPIS (National Strategy for Police Information Systems) Command and Control system before working on projects, which deployed it, for British Transport Police and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. The technology has subsequently been used in systems for other police and fire services.

In 1997 I joined Unisys to work on the NSPIS HOLMES (Home Office Large Major Enquiry System) which was deployed to all police forces. I initially wrote the communications software to connect all the nations' incident rooms before taking on the task of system architect for the entire project. I stayed on this project for six years to see it through, in many ways this was career suicide because during this time web technologies took off making my skill set rather dated. However, I wanted to see this project through, and it suited my own needs to work on worthwhile projects.

In 2003 I studied for the Oracle DBA qualification before developing an electronic examination system. Discovering marketing was not my thing I later sold it to the Hague Group. During this time I developed a product for BAE systems to allow them to analyse the use of haptics to alert people to events.

In 2004 I joined Wiltshire Police to maintain their Command & Control and HOLMES systems. Taking a system management role felt like a retrograde step to being a developer. However, there weren't any development roles available in the job market to suit my skill set.

Via a colleague at Wiltshire Police I was put in touch with Solchar who were using my skill set. I joined and co-developed their cheque processing system. This was sold into corporates, the public sector and charities.

In 2017 I began to find I was slipping behind with all the modern technologies coming through. Also the pace of work had increased: the mobile phone made breaks impossible, the lunch hour of some thirty years ago long a thing of the past, work had become full on and stressful. I therefore took the decision to retire and concentrate on my hill walking and writing.

The technologies I developed under, during my career, were C, C++, Visual C++,C#, SQL Server, Oracle ,PL/SQL, T-SQL, Unix, VOS and Windows.