Not quite Wordsworth, but here we go...


Be A Star


I stand before the universe,

My master in the sky,

I’m humbled by the universe,

Twinkling in my eye.


It reminds me of how small I am,

A pin prick in its sky,

My grandeur feeling like a sham,

The world just passing me by.


I need to make myself a star,

Elegant and serene,

Acquaintances admiring from afar,

And friends as planets, in between.


Mountain Philosophy

The mountains stretch before you,
take anger to them,
and you'll come away with peace.

They'll respect each step you take,
absorbing your pain into their earth.

As you climb the pain will seep out into their streams,
and flow back to where you came.

Climb some mountains
and enter the peaceful valleys beyond.


End Of The Line

You know you are old

When the phone rings

You do not panic

There is nobody left to die

What's IT all about

System down

Windows crashed

Hard disk blown

Days work trashed


Backup failed

Word file lost

Technology hailed

What did this cost?


Modem broken

Emails to send

Send them spoken

Buck that trend


Printer fitting

Letters to prepare

Send them written

How very rare

Coffee spilt

Keyboard sticky

Monitor won't tilt

IT's all so tricky

Dot com mad

WEB surfing

Very sad

So slow searching

Illegal operation

Help desk called

Zero co-operation

Manuals trawled

Before IT

What did we do

We wrote it down

We did not stew

Word Play

She met a man and asked his name

Roger Swift he exclaimed!

Not just now, what's your name?

She said she wanted him to be her-man

He looked aghast

I'm no German

She looked him straight, now don't be silly

The names not important

I once saw a Willy

There was lots of laughter

And lots of love

But could she take the morning after?

The vicar asked for the chosen hymn

She looked aghast

This is him!

She bore a daughter

And named her fanny

It hurt so much she thought she ought to


Fine lines


What ends a friendship?

Moving on, a silly row, death?

Or a love affair?


What is friendship?

Love with boundaries?


Self Promotion


Those that can do

And those that can't manage

Is this fair?

Should the lowest manager get more that the best worker?


Are we missing something?

Or is it a corrupt system?

Where only management matters

And they only promote their own


Leaving 'the workers' to do what is real

Is this fair?

Or am I wrong?


Have these control freaks, oozing insecurity made the world?

Without them would the workers never have been motivated

By fear or by passion?


And only the managers nurture the talent

Nobody can ever know

But I'm sure that I'll be told.


What is love?


What is love?





Warmth of feeling


Sexual attraction



What is love?

It means nothing in tennis

A term


What is love?

To give somebody your money?


To give somebody your time?

For free?





In Britain we have a political system

Tried and tested

A government and an opposition


They are both elected

To represent

A democracy


Both parties offer candidates


not elected


At the polls

They fight it out

To 'represent' the people


Once elected the title is MP

Member of Parliament

Whether government or opposition

They are told how to vote


So our democratic system?

They are here to represent us?

Or here to manage us?


Love and Hate










Ever present


The First Day Of Winter


Today is the day

The ceremony

Of switching on

The Storage heaters


It takes awhile

To make the house

Equal to the summer


But when I get home tomorrow

I know

That with the windows closed

And the curtains drawn

That I will feel the most at home


A Very British Thing


It was a very British thing

At her Uncles wedding

Fourteen, nervous and under the spotlight

Waiting to sing


The sun spot lit her from a high window

We were all captured

By her, by her voice, by the occasion

She never faltered


When she had finished

I wanted to clap

Nobody did

Clapping in church is not a British thing


We all sat in silence

She looked awkward and walked away

Stiff upper lip

A very British thing


Happy Day


Poetry is written out of anger or sadness

Today I am happy

My pen is resting


The Chain Of Command (think for yourself)


Salute to a superior officer

Do it

Do it

Do it


I can question you

You can question I?


Do it

Do it

Do it


I salute

I have a superior officer

I do it


He tells me

I tell you

You tell me?


I tell him?



A mistake?

I was just obeying an order

I am covered

You are dead

The order was executed


Bath Time Truths


I like lying in my bath

Listening to the rain on the tiles


I like lying in my bath

Warm, protected, secure


Secure in the knowledge that the water I have taken

is being replaced


I like lying in my bath




A Japanese fourteenth century form of verse. They are designed to present an image, evoke a mood and make an observation in three lines of five, seven then five syllables.


Good night my sweet heart

It is the end of the day

I still miss you so


Driving in my car

Is what I wish I could do

Not stuck in this jam


On the Internet

Hunting for something to do

Maybe the answer


Standing in the field

Paying out of the red string

The kite way above


Stood on the river bank

Waiting for the steaming ferry

Do not hurry today


Goodbye Erickson

Did you really believe?

Hello Capello


I've Lost My Keys


I've lost my keys

I'm in despair

I'm on my knees

In their snare


I've lost my keys

I can not go

They've made me freeze

It's such a blow


I've lost my keys

I'm going to be late

They are such a tease

I'm in a state


I've lost my keys

I've an appointment to keep

Where are they please?

I want to weep


I've found my keys

I can be on time

I'm off my knees

I'm feeling fine


Sailing By


It was after the wedding

That he fell in love


He had not planned it

He had an invite, she said he could stay

They had been together


It was the early hours

Undressing downstairs

A foot on the first step

On his way to her


Sailing By came on her radio

His favourite piece of music

He was in love

The Rings Of A Tree (Live Your Life)


Will you remember me when you are old

When you are warm

When you are cold

As your rings form your story is told


One of your rings is the year of my birth

Another will be the year of my death

All that I have is the rings in between

As time goes by they will remain unseen


Your bark is smooth, rather like hide

Yet harder, masking what is inside

Will I stand alone?

Or will I confide?


And for now we only have the ring that I touch

But the rings that have gone by shape us so much

Your future is booked in the space that you'll grow

Mine too if I do not consent to let go


Will I live as I was meant to be

Or will each past year stare at me

In a repetitive shape

Like the rings of a tree

Stages (this poem was published in 'Bright Voices', United Press - ISBN 1-84436-062-8)

The day lies before us.
Yet I can only play the part of an actor,
schooled by days now past.
I've awoken from my dress rehearsal;
listen sweetly for the production lasts but one day.




Pull down the blind

Draw the curtain

For I am gone

Darken the room, my light has gone